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Mi Tortilla Mexican Grill

About Us


Our Founders

Jose and Martha Jara started their journey together in Los Angeles in 1974 with the aspiration of one day living the American Dream. In 1989 they started their first Taco Shop. A small, warm felt shop with home cooked meals and a welcoming family ambiance was the start of their first concept “Mi Tortilla Taco Shop,” which is still posted above their first location in Glen Avon, CA. Mi Tortilla Mexican Grill represents the rural inner countryside of Zacatecas, Mexico where the Jara family is from. The concept is a thriving business and people love the energy and culture of Zacatecas.

1. To positively influence everyone we come into contact with

Our Values

2. Be a caring and grateful individual

3. Earn Trust through integrity, hard work, loyalty and faithfulness

4. Grow in wisdom and humility through life’s experiences

5. Create synergy in everything that you do

We say:

“In our culture we show our love to our family and friends through food. The heart of all of our gatherings is the food. Now we can share our love and friendship with an entire community,”

-Martha Jara