Fundraiser Information

Mi Tortilla Mexican Grill is grateful to our neighborhoods and communities, and is committed to giving back through various service and outreach programs. Mi Tortilla has developed 3 different Fundraiser programs in order to help our local organizations:

1. IN-STORE PARTIES: Simply host a party at our restaurant. Send out invitations and have your guests hand the invitations to the cashier. We will donate 15-20% of the proceeds to your organization! Fill out a request form and see our guidelines and tips for a successful party below. Contact your local store for more information.

2. OUR SCRIP PROGRAM: Simply purchase Mi Tortilla promo certificates at a discount and sell them to your supporters at face value. Your organization keeps the difference!

3. PRODUCT SALES: If you are having a large event at your location, you can purchase Burritos or Chips & Salsa at a discount and sell full price!
Contact your local store for more information.

Guidelines & Tips for A Successful In-store Party!

  • Submit a Fund Raiser Request Form to the store manager three weeks in advance of your desired event date.
  • Once the date is agreed upon with the store manager, produce a flyer and present it for approval prior to distributing it to your group. (If necessary we can help design the flyer)
    (Each attendee in support of your group will need to bring this flyer with them in order to qualify.)*
  • SAMPLE FLYER Flyers will be customized to meet the needs of your event.
  • Be sure to distribute the flyer two weeks prior to the event. Have plenty of flyers on hand as the more you distribute, the more you make! Remind everyone about the event as often as possible.(e.g. newsletter, over the PA at school.)
  • Come in, sit back, relax and enjoy some great food while we work hard at making you money.*Regular guests cannot be solicited to participate.* Excludes discounts, special or coupons.